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In computer science, the RabinKarp algorithm or KarpRabin algorithm is a string searching algorithm created by Richard M. Karp and Michael O. Rabin(1987) that uses hashing to find any one of a set of pattern strings in a text. For text of length n and p patterns of combined length m, its average and best case running time is O(n+m) in space O(p), but its worst-case time is O(nm). In contrast, the AhoCorasick string matching algorithm has asymptotic worst-time complexity O(n+m) in space O(m).A practical application of the algorithm is detecting plagiarism. Given source material, the algorithm can rapidly search through a paper for instances of sentences from the source material, ignoring details such as case and punctuation. Because of the abundance of the sought strings, single-string searching algorithms are impractical.A brute-force substring search algorithm checks all possible positions:

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