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Comb sort is a relatively simple sorting algorithm originally designed by Wodzimierz Dobosiewicz in 1980. Later it was rediscovered by Stephen Lacey and Richard Box in 1991. Comb sort improves on bubble sort.The basic idea is to eliminate turtles, or small values near the end of the list, since in a bubble sort these slow the sorting down tremendously. Rabbits, large values around the beginning of the list, do not pose a problem in bubble sort.In bubble sort, when any two elements are compared, they always have a gap (distance from each other) of 1. The basic idea of comb sort is that the gap can be much more than 1 (Shell sort is also based on this idea, but it is a modification of insertion sort rather than bubble sort).In other words, the inner loop of bubble sort, which does the actual swap, is modified such that gap between swapped elements goes down (for each iteration of outer loop) in steps of shrink factor. i.e. [ input size / shrink factor, input size / shrink factor^2, input size / shrink factor^3, ...., 1 ]. Unlike in bubble sort, where the gap is constant i.e. 1.