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In computer science, Thompson's construction is an algorithm for transforming a regular expression into an equivalent nondeterministic finite automaton (NFA). This NFA can be used to match strings against the regular expression.Regular expression and nondeterministic finite automaton are two abstract representation of formal languages. While regular expressions are used e.g. to describe advanced search patterns in "find and replace"-like operations of text processing utilities, the NFA format is better suited for execution on a computer. Hence, this algorithm is of practical interest, since it can be considered as a compiler from regular expression to NFA. On a more theoretical point of view, this algorithm is a part of the proof that they both accept exactly the same languages, that is, the regular languages.A thus obtained automaton can be made deterministic by the powerset construction and then be minimized to get an optimal automaton corresponding to the given regular expression, but it may also be used directly.

automata theory, regular expressions